Last Minute Wedding Decor Checklist

Hey, girl. You’re less than a month out from your wedding and you’re starting to panic. You realize all the little details you’ve been putting off because you had “so much time” are still there and you can practically count the hours left until the big day. We’re here to the rescue with both inspiration and a checklist of final details you may have forgotten along the way. Here are our top tips to help you avoid the last minute decor scramble.

Escort Cards

This is probably the biggest wedding decor dilemma we’ve heard from our month-of wedding planning clients. Of course you don’t have to seat your guests until about two weeks prior to the wedding, BUT it’s important to figure out early on if you are planning to assign each guest a specific seat or only to a specific table. This will make all the difference as you go through the seating process. There is a difference between escort cards and place cards which you can read all about in this blog. Lean on your wedding coordinator for ideas too! For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board HERE.

Table Numbers

Don’t let this wait too long – sometimes the numbers you’ve had your eye on are either sold out or unavailable. Stick with something that fits your wedding aesthetic. Plan for it in your budget so you don’t break the bank at the last minute. Check out our fave table number inspiration ideas HERE!

Guest Book

Gone are the days of simply purchasing a padded book from Hallmark and having guests sign their names. Couples are taking guest books to new heights (sometimes literally) by creating pieces that can later be hung on the walls in their new homes or fun notes that can be read at a one year anniversary. Some couples choose to use polaroid photos and make scrapbooks or print a photo book their friends throughout the years with spaces for guest notes. We’ve seen custom signable sports jerseys, custom wine bottles with space for notes, you name it! Think about what is unique to you and your fiancé and create something that you will cherish for years to come. We’re always finding fun Guest Book pins HERE.

Card Box (and optional ‘gifts’ Sign)

When it comes to card boxes, we love to think outside the box (puns!) and come up with something that’s unique to you. These should match the decor you already have incorporated throughout your wedding. If you’re having a vintage wedding, we often see couples using vintage boxes or a suitcases. If you’re having a modern, colorful wedding try a bright acrylic box! Really anything will work! If you’re having signage throughout your wedding, make an additional one to show guests where gifts and cards go along with a sweet thank you message from both of you.


Programs are entirely optional, but so serve as a way to introduce the wedding party and the order of events for your ceremony. We’ve often seen programs double as fans or have another purpose for guests to use. If you’re not into the idea of printing programs for each guest, think of doing one large sign at the entrance of the wedding for guests to see everything.


Menu cards work the same as programs and can either be placed at each seat or table, or not included at all. Depending on how formal your wedding decor may be, this is a sweet way to inform your guests of the food they will be enjoying while adding in another detail to tie your wedding together.


While this is an entirely optional detail, we love the idea of giving guests a personal token of your thanks. Whether it’s a jar of handmade jam from your family farm, or a small bottle of olive oil at each table to go along with an Al-Fresco theme, there is no limit to the favors you can supply to guests.  Some couples will choose to make their escort cards double up as favors too. We’ve had custom engraved maracas on a wall serve as both seating placement and escort cards! The options are endless! Check out our board HERE for some fun ideas.

We’re here to help make those last couple of pre-wedding weeks a breeze. Don’t let these wedding decor details turn that smile upside down in a frantic scramble to get it all done. Enlist the help of bridesmaids, moms and close friends so you can breathe easy and get that beauty sleep in!

Chelsea + Tatiana

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