Avoid the budget overwhelm for your wedding

Wedding Budget Part Three: Avoid The Overwhelm

By now you’re getting more settled into your wedding budget. YAY! Here comes the tough part. You will start plugging in numbers to your budget and the feeling of overwhelm will begin to hit as you get quotes for each category. We totally understand. We know it is this very part where a lot of couples consider eloping. Don’t get discouraged, we are here to help! We don’t want to have you living in an unrealistic reality, but we want to make sure that you are staying focused on your wedding “Top Three” and getting the most out of your wedding budget.

3 Steps to Avoiding the Overwhelm

  1. Start researching! Gather information for venues that spark your interest, photographers whose work you love and of course get to know wedding planners who are well connected and can guide you throughout this process. We always say you never know until you ask, so before you cross off something or some place thinking it’s totally out of your budget, inquire with them!
  2. But don’t go too crazy! Keep your options limited to three at a time. In order to keep everything manageable you’ll want to make sure you eliminate one before you bring on another option. Think of it like the closet clean-out mentality: when you buy something new, you get rid of something old. Don’t let your “closet” get messy and overcrowded. That will make your wedding planning process that much more overwhelming. P.s. Always be courteous and respond to your vendors who follow up with you even if you just tell them that you need more time. Just like dating, vendors don’t want to feel like you ghosted them.
  3. Remember that budgeting for anything is always a shuffle. If you go over budget in one category, you’ll need to make up for it in the next category. That’s where your wedding “Top Three” come in handy. Use those as a guide to decide if you really “need” something or not.

Chelsea + Tatiana